YGAM is an education-focused charity that provides tools and information to educate, build digital resilience, and safeguard young people against problematic gaming and gambling. This is achieved through evidence-led, evaluated and assured education programmes and resources for anyone that works with or cares for young and vulnerable people, including teachers, youth workers, community volunteers and mental health specialists.


All of its resources, training and education programmes have been independently scrutinised, challenged, evaluated and quality marked by a wide range of organisations. A critical part of all these evaluations is being able to demonstrate clear independence and an evidence-based approach. There is robust evidence to demonstrate that its programmes are impactful in supporting its social purpose. As an organisation, it continues to invest a substantial amount of time and resources into evaluations and impact reporting. 


Read YGAM’s recent impact report:


YGAM offers the following training and resources:


YGAM for Parents & Carers


  • Workshops for Parents
    • Introduction to gaming, including microtransactions
    • Introduction to gambling and the impact of advertising
    • Recognising gaming and gambling harms


  • Workshops for Children in Care
    • Introduction to gaming, including microtransactions.
    • Introduction to gambling and the impact of advertising
    • Recognising gaming and gambling harms
    • Exploring the appeal of gambling and gaming to children in care
    • Understanding the role trauma plays in risky behaviours
    • Support with preparing a child-led safety plan


YGAM for Students & Universities


  • University and Student Engagement Programmes covering:
    • Gaming & gambling harm
    • Advertising
    • Mental health & wellbeing
    • Blurred lines between gaming & gambling
    • How to spot signs of harm
    • Where to get help & support


Preventing Gambling Harms in Diverse Communities


  • Free training and resources aimed at safeguarding young people from ethnic minority populations. The programme content centres on an understanding of socio-cultural and religious contexts on shame and stigma relating to gambling harms.


Mindful Resilience 


  • A pilot initiative designed to enable health care professionals to access quality training on gambling and gaming harm in children and young people.


Young People’s Gambling Harm Prevention Programme


  • CPD training for teachers and youth workers equipping them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver awareness sessions to young people about the potential harms of gambling and gaming.
    • Free CPD training and resources mapped to the PSHE curriculum that provides thematic plans and full Schemes of Work from Key Stage 2 through to Key Stage 5


Safer Gambling Training


  • A partnership with Betnowmore to provide gambling industry employees with specialist online training to strengthen player protection standards and effectively safeguard consumers from gambling-related harm. Workshops include:
    • Understanding customer vulnerability in a gambling environment
    • Understanding gambling-related harms
    • Understanding safeguarding and managing welfare
    • Enhanced skills for customer interaction
    • Awareness of gambling support services
    • Health and wellbeing